Workplace Safespace

What is it?

Workplace Safespace is a completely free specialist and consultancy training programme aimed at employers, from all sectors and sizes, and is designed to train and support organisations on how to support staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse. This project has been funded by the Ministry of Justice with support from the London Community Foundation. The training is provided by specialists from Hillingdon Women’s Centre, The Sharan Project, Belina GRoW and Hillingdon Council.

The training is spread over 3 modules and organisations who sign up will have access to our monthly networking sessions, a dedicated domestic abuse advisor and the opportunity to sign up for Workplace Safespace consultancy services.

The training discusses a number of issues including but not limited to: domestic abuse, warning signs, managing sensitive disclosures, forced marriage and honour based violence. We are not asking employers to tackle this head on, but instead we encourage employers to follow a 3 step procedure.

Upon successful completion of the online training programme, organisations who take part will receive certification, accredited by Hillingdon Council. Signing up demonstrates your commitment, along with other employers in the community, to stand united in solidarity with survivors and voice a clear message that domestic abuse will not be tolerated.

Why does the project exist?

During lockdown, cases of domestic abuse are thought to have risen by 20%. As people return to their workplaces after a sustained period of time at home, or as people continue working from home, it’s important that for employers to have awareness and understanding of the issue. Employers have a responsibility to know how to support their staff, and should have robust procedures in place. 

 If you are interested in finding out more information please visit the Workplace Safespace website.