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Hillingdon Women’s Centre is a women-only safe space which has been in operation for 35
years. We support the needs of vulnerable and marginalised women in our community and
are fully inclusive of all women.

I need support

A large proportion of our service users have experienced some form of gender-based violence.

Are you experiencing domestic abuse?

How We Can Help

Information, Advice and Guidance

We understand that during these uncertain and challenging times, unemployment is a concern for many women. It can be frightening if you have been out of work for a long period.

Domestic Abuse Services

We feel it is important to create a space for survivors of domestic abuse to be able to share their experiences, learn about healthy relationships and self care as they begin to heal.

Legal Advice

Around 40% of legal advice appointments at Hillingdon Women’s Centre are directly linked with Domestic Abuse and in the last year we have had an 18% increase in our legal advice services.

Counselling Referrals

Whilst Hillingdon Women’s Centre does not currently have the capacity to offer counselling services, we are able to refer service users to counselling provided by our specialist partners.

Need to talk?

Speak to somebody. It’s confidential.

01895 259 578

How can I spot the warning signs of abuse?


They justify their jealousy and possessiveness as a way of showing how much they care.


You feel the need to change your behaviour because you are worried about the repercussions of what they may say or do. 

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Community Hub

Our community hub is the perfect place for staying up to date with our latest news, events and workshops. We want to reduce isolation and loneliness through sisterhood and improve mental health and well-being amongst women. Our hub strives to create and strengthen connections with women in the local community.



It is amazing!

“Would recommend any women that have problems to come to the women’s centre because it is amazing”


I can do anything!

“The support I have been given at the Hillingdon Women’s Centre makes me feel I can do anything!”