What We Do

We are a safe space for women who are in need of support. Our services are inclusive of all women regardless of background, race and sexual identity. Our main services are related to domestic abuse, for those in need of advice and support. We also work with women experiencing mental health difficulties, unemployment, isolation, as well as those needing legal and benefits advice.

We are the only service of it’s kind in the local community and so we offer a holistic approach through sisterhood, empowerment, practical support and advice to enable women to reach their full potential. The framework of our strategy is built upon the theme of ‘Women Enabling Women’ and is constructed around our pillars of Advice, Empowerment, Sisterhood and Opportunity.

Our History

Hillingdon Women’s Centre is a local charity that has been supporting women for over 30 years. In 1986, Hillingdon Women’s Group was formed as an initiative where local women met in each other’s homes, it then evolved to what we know today as Hillingdon Women’s Centre. During this time, local women met in each other’s homes and inspired women from all backgrounds to join the group. This core idea of inclusivity is something that is deeply rooted within who we are. We have, and always will continue to welcome, a range of women from different backgrounds into Hillingdon Women’s Centre.

Inclusivity at HWC

Hillingdon Women’s Centre is open to all women.  We want to be clear that the centre welcomes and is inclusive of transgender women, sex workers, disabled women, women of all races and ethnicities, and we do not discriminate against sexual identity, age, or class.

We aim to be inclusive and intersectional in all the work that we do, and our staff regularly undergo training to improve our knowledge of the unique experiences of women who face additional barriers and discrimination in gaining access to services due to their race, ability, sexual identity, and more. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and all those who are fighting injustice.

Our Services

As a women-only safe space in Hillingdon, we offer a range of varied services. We continue to review and evaluate these based on the feedback from our service users. If you like to share any suggestions or offer your feedback, please get in touch.


Information, Advice and Guidance relating to domestic abuse and other forms of gender based violence, well-being and self care, money and benefits, employment and training advice and signposting.


Access to specialist legal advice in family law, immigration, housing and personal injury.


A range of employability, wellbeing and self-esteem workshops.


Volunteering opportunities


Form filling and applications support 


An employer’s initiative for organisations who are invested in tackling and reducing Domestic Abuse.


A new support programme for survivors of domestic abuse (launching 2021).

Our Core Principles


We will provide a safe and confidential environment in which women can share their fears and concerns. We will always try to find the right help in a way that suits individual womens’ needs. If the help required is beyond our capabilities, then we can guide women to the right place through our network of associated organisations.


We will always do our best to enable women to overcome or learn to manage their fears. We do this by supporting women to rebuild their self-esteem, and develop coping mechanisms to work through difficult times. We strive to give women confidence and empower women to make their own choices. 


We will reduce isolation by ensuring women know that they are not alone, that others share those same feelings and needs. We will provide an environment in which women can come together providing them with an opportunity to have someone else to talk to, to have fun with, and to share with.


We strive to provide women with different opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities. These opportunities are presented through workshops, training courses and volunteering roles. We actively encourage women from the borough to take part in these sessions, providing the opportunity to learn and develop together.