Who We Are

About Us

In 1986, a small group of women in the Hillingdon area met in each other’s homes and, encouraged by a Greater London Council (GLC) initiative, formed into the Hillingdon Women’s Group, operating on a collective basis. By 2003, this had expanded into the Hillingdon Women’s Centre (HWC), providing a welcoming base for members and many services for local women while retaining the collaborative aspiration of its earliest days – to encourage women from all backgrounds. 

Initially, our support focussed more as a signposting and referral service for women in the community, however as we have grown and expanded, Many women turn to us as their first point of contact when facing challenges, highlighting the centre’s crucial position in the area.  With over 37 years of experience, Hillingdon Women’s Centre has established itself as a trusted and respected organisation within the borough. A team of Director Trustees, centre employees and volunteers run the Hillingdon Women’s Centre. We have created a safe and inclusive space for women while building a long-standing relationship with the community.

The centre is open to all women aged 18+. We are a welcoming space that is inclusive of transgender women, sex workers, disabled women, and women of all races and ethnicities. We do not discriminate against sexual identity, age, or class. We aim to be inclusive and intersectional in all our work, and our staff regularly undergo training to improve our knowledge of the unique experiences of women who face additional barriers and discrimination.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where all women can lead safe, independent, and thriving lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a confidential, safe, and welcoming space for all women in Hillingdon and surrounding areas. We are a place where women can access information, tools and holistic support. We are run by women, for women, and will collaborate with other agencies in the community.

Our Values

  • We treat everyone, colleagues, service users, and contractors, with respect as we would expect to receive in return. 
  • We are compassionate and empathetic to all women who come to us for support. 
  • We operate with integrity always striving to do what is right.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We provide trauma-informed advice and support.
  • We are feminists who enable women to understand and assert their rights.
  • We work in collaboration internally and with external groups and services.
  • We champion social justice and fairness.


We will strive to achieve the following outcomes:

    • Women feel they have received relevant information about their circumstances and know how to take the following steps. 
    • Women are supported in making active changes in their lives
    • Women feel more self-confident and empowered to move forward
    • Women have a network of support from other women who understand their issues 
    • Women can identify positive changes in their overall health and well-being